Hermes is an Advanced Management , Monitoring and Fraud-Detection Platform for Smart Grids

The combination of IoT, Big Data, and AI techniques makes the most sophisticated Smart Grid Platform. Currently deployed and running at Naturgy, the 2nd biggest utility in Spain.

Fully-Fledged Solution

HERMES offers a complete seamless overall solution for Smart Grid Management: from modelling nework topology and gatehring Smart Meter Data to Fraud Visualization and Analytics.

Smart Visualization

Easy understandable data with multiple visualizations. Intuitive, simple to use and highly customizable

The platform includes a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to provide visualisation of the data sources, received data and different management operations and configurations. The GUI is based on independent web components that can be visualised individually or combined according to customer ́s configuration. Individual components can also be integrated in existing corporate portals.

Advanced Analytics

This module allows the advanced management, monitoring and analytics for smart grids. Out of the box features include:

  • Management and monitoring of concentrators, smart meters and sensors
  • Geo-located alerts and situations
  • Remote monitoring and support
  • Estimation and prediction algorithms
  • Power and energy analysis (AI applied to prediction and estimation)
  • Fraud detection:
    • modelling network topology, fraud visualisation and analytics based on meter data
    • techniques are used to detect fraud patterns difficult to be recognised by humans or traditional methods
  • Intuitive, simple to use and highly customisable
  • The developed AI algorithms yield predictive maintenance models

Powerful and Advanced

HERMES is fostered by the latest cutting-edge technologies (Cassandra, Spark, Kafka, Apache Zeppelin, etc.) in order to meet critical needs for demanding and worlwide cross-domain customers.

Standard Compliance: communicationscand data models comply with worldwide most common standards.

Flexiblility: easy customizable interface, user can create graphs and perform advanced data queries.

Modularity: the system has been designed to be easily customizable, upgraded, repaired, and developed based on independent parts that may be efortlessly reused.

Based on Open Source Software: Third Party License-free