Data Analytics

Innovation Management

Internet of Things

Machine Learning

Data Analytics

NIMBEO unlocks your data capital through advanced Big Data Analytics

Change your business

Transform the data of your business into knowledge

Transform business processes

Big data analytics allows business agility and optimizes strategic decisions

Modernize your company

Our data analytics solutions modernize your business and make it staying ahead of technology

Cost Optimization

he effective use of Big Data technologies for the analysis of data optimizes processes, performance, and strategic decissions which generates cost savings.

Competitive advantages over rivals

With the insights obtained from the Big Data analysis techniques, the company knows better its situation and the market and can create competitive advantages.

Innovation Management

As a trailblazer company, NIMBEO is commited to bring your idea into reality

Bring your ideas to life

We help you all the way for turning innovative ideas into new products, services, or technologies.

Innovative Ideas

We identify the new trends, future opportunities, and risks and come up with innovative ideas to respond to your needs

Project Funding

We find the right tool to fund your projects among the variety of funding opportunities for research and innovation activities


We provide your company with access to international consortiums where the potential of your innovative ideas will be unlocked.

From idea to market

We help you along the whole innovation process from concept development to implementation and marketing through business plan, solution development, prototypes.


Our tailored IoT solutions and services power the digital transformation of your business

Connect all your smart digital objets

Get onboard to one of the most booming industries around the world and open the door to a new era full of opportunities.

Smart Grid

We are experts in managing Smart Grid devices. We can connect, gather and process data from meters, concentrators, and all kind of sensors.

Better Decision Making

The analysis of the data from more devices and sensors, and the possibility of finding interrelation among them gives the knowledge to make better business and process decisions.


The information obtained from connected objects allows to the automatization of the processes they are related to.


The access to the digital objets in real time gives the ability to monitor the operation and performance of the system.

Machine Learning

NIMBEO builds on top of Artificial Intelligence (AI) next generation algorithms and techniques, such as Deep Learning, the silver bullet for current business scenarios

Make your business smarter

Nimbeo uses machine learning techniques that teach your sistems to become like humans and learn from experience.


We use the most advanced AI techniques which find past patterns in the data and based on that can predict what will happen in the future.


Nimbeo is using AI for helping our clients to automatize the maintenance by predicting machine failures.


We have a vast expertise applying Deep Learning techniques to analyze and estimate the data consumption.

Digital Marketing

The application of Deel Learning algorithms to automatically design marketing campaigns based on the results obtained from previous campaigs.