Acodemia is the practical scenario of Curselia experience. The objective is to encourage independent learning of thousands of students, and the contents are articulated from video conferencing to large professional experts and teachers, with documentation, exercises and tests of continuous assessment, in addition to various environments of participation, related computer science and programming.


Nimbeo leads the Enersi project. It is based on the analysis of energy data to understand how and where energy is used; what cost, assess the functioning of equipment and facilities in buildings and urban environments, improve its use and maintenance and take action to improve energy efficiency in buildings and cities. It is an energy efficiency project included in the National Strategic Plan for R & D.

The Enersi project has been funded by Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad.

Universo iDEA

UniversoiDEA is an educational platform that implements the digital backpack through a system technology multidevice cloud in the sector. UniversoiDEA (Internet for Effective Classroom digitization) meets the needs of all actors involved in education, from parents to students through teachers, schools, publishers and governments.


Enerloud is the name of the international consortium to develop an R & D system for the management and analysis of power grids and smart meters, using Big Data technology and techniques cloud computing (Cloud Computing).

It is one of the projects operated and funded by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) under the Ministry of Economy and Competition; is supported by assistance from the European Economic Area (EEA-Grants); and has the participation of Innovation Norway, an organization that promotes industrial development in the Nordic country.

Enerloud helps to achieve energy saving mostly by the generation of recommendations that enable people, companies and public administrations to optimize their energy consumption. This is due to the possibility of editing report and analysis after the collection of big volumes of data from the Smart Grid.

Enerloud is a system easily adaptable to different users’ needs. Among its objectives stand out the improvement of energy efficiency; the correction of users’ negative policies and the incentive of measures to facilitate its installments. Consequently, Enerloud will help in the protection of the environment (providing tools to meet the standards of the Strategy 20-20-20) and in improving companies’ economic aspect.

Its installments have proven to be efficient in every situation and produced satisfactory results given that its characteristics allow a real energy saving. Moreover, Enerloud has fostered the creation of other initiatives to enhance the current state of the Smart Grids technology.