Nimbeo holds a cutting-edge seasoned product portfolio. Our products have been designed and engineered to meet world-wide demanding and challenging customer needs and business goals.


CoolReport is a pioneering solution based on management, analytics and visualization of large data volumes, also called Big Data, to allow management and advanced analysis. CoolReport revolutionizes many scenarios of Information Technologies and Communications such as data analysis to make business decisions, monitoring of network devices and sensors, among others.


Curselia is a online education platform oriented Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) improved through adaptive learning technologies and Big Data. The goal is universal knowledge and make available to all free quality education.

Curselia is revised and expanded to apply data mining and artificial intelligence on the various data collected by the platform. Collect data from social networks and other external sources; collects information about students and the course that develops; and improving information and evolution of it.


Hermes is a powerful tool for the management of Smart Grids, which provides three main functions: monitoring and management of the meters and network hubs; Predictive analysis of network in real time and optimize user information and the different agents in the network; and effective security and control, achieving the following objectives: fraud detection, encryption of communications, and security of control center and Smart Meters